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Thirty Most Breached Rules in College Golf

February 2009
By Clyde Luther and John Reis

At the 2009 GCAA Coaches convention we presented a brief yet exciting review of the ?30 Most Breached Rules in College Golf?. It was extremely informative and entertaining and it prompted many relevant questions relative to what goes on on the college golf course. Please take a few minutes to take at the look at the presentation, and if you have any questions please don?t hesitate to contact any of us.

  1. Rule 3-3 Second Ball.  Players do not follow exact procedure as required. Announce what you are doing and which ball you want to count if the Rules allow.
  2. Rule 6-6  Scoring. Wrong Score in a box and No Signature
  3. Rule 6-7 Pace of Play...Pre-shot routines.
  4. Rule 6-8 Suspension of Play and Resumption of Play
  5. Rule 11  Teeing Ground ...Teeing off in front of markers
  6. Rule 12-1 Searching for ball ...Exceeding what is allowed in moving grass to find and identify the ball.
  7. Rule 12-2 Identifying Ball ...Not following the proper procedure to lift ball
  8. Rule 13-2 Improving lie, area of Intended stance or swing or line of Play. Unintentionally improving area of Stance; Fixing pitch marks.
  9. Rule 13-4 Ball in Hazard-Prohibited Actions Carelessly lifting loose impediments and testing the condition of the hazard.
  10. Rule 15-2 (substituted Ball) and 15-3 (Wrong ball) Not recognizing  the difference.  Can cause disqualification.
  11. Rule 16-1a Repair of damage to green and hole. What can I and can't I?
  12. Rule 16-2 Ball overhanging the hole ...What can I do?
  13. Rule 18  Ball at Rest Moved ...Not knowing what to do after a ball moves by player, by wind, by another player, opponent..
  14. Rule 19 Match play Player has option of replaying shot if the ball strikes his opponent.
  15. Rule 20-2  Dropping ball ...Shoulder height, arm extended
  16. Rule 20-2c When to re-drop and when to place?  
  17. Rule 20-6 When to correct a situation that was incorrectly executed.
  18. Rule 24-1  What is movable and what not? What to do if ball moves?
  19. Rule 24-2 Relief from Immovable Obstruction. Cart Path?
  20. Rule 25 Abnormal Ground Condition Improperly determining casual water.
  21. Rule 26 Water Hazard Relief (yellow)
  22. Rule 26  Lateral Water Hazard relief (red)
  23. Rule 26-2 Ball played from hazard remains in hazard     
  24. Rule 26-1 Known or virtually certain ball is in?if not it must be played as a lost ball.
  25. Rule 27-1 Lost Ball ...What constitutes a Lost Ball?
  26. Rule 27-2 Provisional Ball. When and where?
  27. Rule 28 Unplayable Anywhere except in a water hazard. Player is sole judge,  stroke and distance on putting green. Player may substitute a ball using this procedure.
  28. Rule 20-2c Re-dropping from a lateral hazard when ball rolls back to line and player must stand in water hazard.
  29. Rule 28  Player measures from  the edge of  the condition in an unplayable rather from ball.
  30. Rule 20-2 Dropping a ball in a DZ and then picking it up if it rolls towards the hole but less than two club-lengths.
  31. Rule 24-2 and 25-1 Player measures two club-lengths from nearest point of relief rather than one.